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UK knitters ahoy

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NukeBox Knitting (x-posted) [Aug. 25th, 2011|03:59 pm]
UK knitters ahoy

I want to make some of those winter warmers that can be slung in a microwave to be warmed up!

Is this a good idea? What do I need to know? What wool is safe for such a project?

Any advice greatly received.
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Pride [Jun. 18th, 2011|05:52 pm]
UK knitters ahoy

[Current Location |53.6947,-2.1006]

I knitted a shawl.

And today I entered it into the agricultural show under 'hand-knitted other'.

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Star bootees [Jun. 10th, 2011|11:32 am]
UK knitters ahoy

[Current Location |United Kingdom, England,City and Borough of Manchester,Ringway, Openshaw, Chorlton upon Medlock]

As promised, a pic of the bootees. Started on Sunday, finished on Thursday. Plaiting the cord didn't shrink the yarn much at all but was a pain for my fingers.

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Yarn Shrinkage [Jun. 9th, 2011|08:29 am]
UK knitters ahoy

Not shrinkage per se, but I have to make a plaited cord for a pair of baby bootees and wondered if/how much plaiting shortens the length of the yarn used? I don't want cut three lengths of yarn, plait them and end up with too short a cord, and equally I don't want to end up cutting off three ends that are too long for the cord but too short for anything else!
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Circular Needles? [Dec. 28th, 2010|01:10 am]
UK knitters ahoy

[mood |curiouscurious]

Does anyone have any recommendations for makes of circular needle sets easily available in the UK? I'd quite like a set of interchangables to give a wider variety and I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for an investment set which will last a while. I'm fairly new to knitting and have never had to buy needles before as my straights were all given to me second hand.

Thanks in advance.
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Help me Internets... [Nov. 22nd, 2010|09:13 pm]
UK knitters ahoy

[mood |confusedconfused]

So I'm knitting this pattern...

I've started the back tonight... the first 5 rows are 1x1 rib and I've got 86 stitches on my needles. The first row of pattern says for 1st and 2nd sizes "P5 [7],C4B,P2 * P3, T2B, T2F, P5, C4B, P2, rep from * to * 3 times, P3 [5]" I ignored the bits in square brackets as I assume they are for the second size. I've done the repeat 3 times but now I have 18 stitches left instead of the 3 I would expect to have. I added up the stitches and got 11 before the *, 18 between the *'s (times 3 makes 54) and 3 after the * which only comes to a total of 68 and would explain why I have stitches left over.

If it helps any (but it didn't help me...) the next row of pattern is K3 [5] *K2,P4,K5,P4,K3* rep from * to * 3 times K2,P4,K5 [7] So effectively that's still only 68 stitches, and just purling on the backs of the cables and knitting on the back of the purl stitches...

Any ideas where I am going wrong?

x posted to brit_knits and craftgrrl
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All Fibre Knitting Community [Oct. 1st, 2010|09:14 pm]
UK knitters ahoy

Hi everyone, I've just created the community acrylic_sheep, which is a fun place to share projects made with all types of yarn without any yarn fibre favouritism. Perhaps it's a case of no-sheep-for-you sensitivity, or perhaps you just like knitting the way you feel like, with whatever fibre you like to work with. acrylic_sheep takes all flavours of fibre, natural and artificial, with no snobbishness, just prettiness and fun!
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2010|07:47 pm]
UK knitters ahoy

.. Does anyone have a 12-18 month old I can borrow!?

I planned to knit these gorgeous goldfish mittens for a friend's soon-to-be one year old babies.

I finished the first one this afternoon, showed it to my mother & she said she didn't think it would fit.

It measures 11.5cm long (from the middle of the V) & 5.5cm wide & thumb to top is 7cm.

Does that sound like it'd fit a 12-18 month old? Or should I hang onto it for a smaller baby?

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Rowan Big Wool [Sep. 14th, 2010|06:39 pm]
UK knitters ahoy
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

I'm looking for a pattern for a jumper or cardigan (cable or plain) for a 3 year old in Rowan Big Wool. Does anyone know of one?

ETA: I was searching for jumper and cardigan on Ravelry and not finding very much, but I've just tried searching for sweater and got a lot more results.
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A query... [Jul. 29th, 2010|02:27 pm]
UK knitters ahoy


Are there any knitters/knitting groups in the Canterbury area that anyone knows about? i've only recently moved here and I'd love to join one to meet new people :) Thanks in advance!
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